Who are we ?


Our experience:

* since the beginning of the last century in  Duisburg and in Frankfurt in Germany CARL TILTMANN and SÖHNE  (SPEICHEREI and SPEDITION )   built a robust reputation in the domains of the road transport or inland navigation, by the storing, by the handling and by the secondary activities in the transport;

what we  called later "Logistics"

* Since 1990 represented in Compiègne France , TILTMANN France specialized himself  in the field of the industrial and food bulk road transportation.


Our scope:

France and the whole  European Community .
4.6 Million Euros of annual sales, 120 000 tons transported a year by road ans railway or more  than 5 million kilometers managed per year!

Our reliability:

Fort of her ranking G4+ “banque de France” TILTMANN France assures her customers and her suppliers a security  of excellent financial health, what is vital since the increase of the actions in direct payment (article L.132-8 of the French Commercial law) and of the almost systematic factoring.

Many of suppliers are still working since 20 years with us… nothing to add !


Our references:

If the traders, the metals brokers ; the  fuel company , the chemists, the food-processing industries of any sizes, from the multinational to  the SME (SMALL AND MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISE) (that is more than 1000 French and foreign customers) relying  on us, it is because we knew how to bring an answer or an immediate advice to the problems of routing that they could wonder .

We are not set on well-established relations, if your customers or your suppliers came to change, we would know how to adapt ourselves.


Our key points:

* our team is full concentrated , only one interlocutor  follows your orders from  the estimate to the invoice:

only one  interlocutor for all your requests , so brings you an optimal organization of your transport:
The instructions  given to the carrier, to the drivers , the report of the possible arisen events, the keeping  of shipment documents, accompanying the wastes, the contacts with the French or foreign sites, all these interventions are realized by the same person:
No possible interference and a work in " constant follow-up ".

*the understanding of the market and its constraints in our field of expertise; the respect for your requirements regarding commercial confidentiality for example.


*we are duty bound to advise  you  for the feasibility of your traffics; adapt the reals technical means by optimizing your costs and your priorities.

You could find at the section “liens utiles” any files and useful documents.
you could download all our authorizations of transportation too. 
Our weak points:

Still not count you among our business partners.


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